What Things Do You Value NOW After Leaving Mormonism?

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What Things Do You Value NOW After Leaving Mormonism?

An urge to explore and discover what you value NOW comes with leaving the church. You want to try new things, do things that would be frowned upon by the LDS church and simply live according to what you want instead of within the limitations of Mormonism. The way to discover what you value is doing things you wouldn’t otherwise do if you were still part of the church. Some ideas include:

  • Going Out For Coffee! 

Going out for coffee is something you just have to try immediately. Coffee is amazing. Coffee shops tend to give a mood that is both relaxing and comfortable. The smell itself is to die for!  Going out for coffee on a date or just by yourself gives you a moment to wind down, reflect, and, really reflect upon who you want to be now that you’ve left Mormonism. 

After leaving the so called church, not only do you have a plethora of delicious coffee beverages to discover but coffee shops are great for your love life. You can meet new people or invite someone you met on “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” for coffee. Going out for coffee is one of those no pressure date ideas ideal for getting to know someone new.

  • Dating Outside The Faith!

Exploring your options without limits is part of what makes dating so great. Whether two people share the same faith or not doesn’t make them any less compatible. 

  • Intimacy 

Intimacy and sexuality are both beautiful aspects of life and taking that next step with a partner shouldn’t be accompanied by shame and guilt. Instead of being concerned with the strict dating etiquette of the LDS church, you can experience the organic progression of intimacy first hand.

  • Sunday Funday 

As you know, Sundays are devoted to worship in the Mormon faith but since you’ve left the church, Sundays are now yours to explore, create and do whatever you want! Spend time with friends, devote the day to self-care, head outdoors, or do something fun with your family. As a plus, tithing is no longer a part of your life, so you have more funds to spend on activities you enjoy. You may even be able to take up a new hobby. 

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