Similar Faith Journeys & Great Dates: Dating After Leaving the Church

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Dating App For Mormons Who No Longer Believe

Similar Faith Journeys & Great Dates: Dating After Leaving the Church

Leaving the Church of Latter-Day Saints is a difficult and crazy whirlwind of emotion, doubt, fear and confusion. A plethora of emotions come with separating from the church and with those emotions are an accompanied sense of relief because you made the decision to live life according to your own beliefs. Wow. If that’s not confusing, we don’t know what is! But, we’ve seen that such a huge and dramatic change inspires individuals to live life to the fullest and for most people, dating is huge part of that. When you’re in a different place faith-wise it’s natural to want to spend time with people who understand where you’re at in life and who understand just what you’ve gone through. Generally finding those in a similar place isn’t easy but that’s where the “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” comes in.

In order for a romantic connection to come full circle and progress to a healthy relationship, an understanding of each others’ past is required. Separating from the LDS church is a transition and when you’re dating someone who has also had a change in faith, support accompanies the companionship. Even more importantly, the personal challenges that come with leaving, like discovering your own identity without the church’s influence and getting in tune with your true character sans religion present the chance to grow together instead of burdening your love life. 

As for how to handle dating in this new world, there is no step by step guide to navigate but it’s safe to say that modern dating differs significantly from dating within the Mormon faith. Fortunately, dating singles who have also left the LDS Church eases the burden of having to explain your religious state of mind and where you are religiously. Here are four helpful tips to keep in mind while dating after leaving Mormonism:

  • Explore Your Options.

The “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” is about seeing what’s out there and exploring your options. Don’t hesitate to talk to multiple people, start conversations, and show interest.

  • Arrange Dates.

Arrange to meet for coffee or go to lunch sooner than later. Taking connections offline enhances the potential for growth. 

  • Take Things Slow.

This is your love life so date at your own pace to get a feel for things then progress relationships when the time is right.

  • Follow Your Own Rules.

Dating is most enjoyable when you let your instincts create your path. Enjoy it and see where your connections lead! Here at the “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App,” we’re so happy to have you as a part of our growing community of like-minded individuals. Download the “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” today if you haven’t already and start making matches with people just like you who have had similar faith journeys!

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