How To Find Love Successfully in 2020 With NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App

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How To Find Love Successfully in 2020 With NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App

As we approach the end of 2019 and prepare for the New Year 2020, not only are we reflecting on the beginning of a new year, but also on a new decade to come. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? How will this decade differ from your last? 

A New Millennium Of Changes

If you have recently left The Mormon (LDS) Church, a lot of changes may have happened in the past year, or even in this past few years. You may still be getting settled in your “new normal,” whether that’s moving to a new city or state, discovering new forms of social communities, or becoming accustomed to living with fewer rules. Or perhaps you’re well-adjusted to post-Mormon life but you’re still missing something—or someone—to help you further enjoy the new decade.

New Year = New (Dating) You

Given this reflective year-end (or decade-end) mindset, it’s not surprising to know that the New Year is the most popular time of year to begin a search for a significant other. Individuals looking for love become more open to social interaction come January, ranging from small steps such as smiling at someone you find attractive at the coffee shop, to marking your official “readiness” to find love this year by joining an online dating app. But with so many dating apps out there, and concerns you may have about how to discuss your religious past on a date, how do you know which app to join? And how do you even have a successful experience with online dating?

Discover NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App

Luckily for post-Mormons nationwide, there’s NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App. A stress-free online dating app for those whose religious beliefs have changed, NEW connects individuals on similar life paths following their decision to leave the LDS Church. Dating is hard enough as it is, but with NEW, you can easily bypass your concerns of how to share your religious beliefs with a potential partner as every match has the same religious background as you. 

How To Get Started?

Once you’ve decided you want to change the course of your new year and new decade by taking a first step at finding love, the NEW dating app makes it easy to get started. But now that you’ve downloaded the app on your smartphone and your profile is pending, how do you ensure you’ll be successful at getting a match? 

Here are 3 tips on how to increase your chances of finding love on NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App in 2020.

  1. Upload a good photo

One of the first things you’ll see about a potential match on NEW is a photo. This important first impression could make or break whether you get a ‘WOW’ or a ‘NOPE’ vote, so why not better your chances of getting that ‘WOW’? 

Photos that perform best on dating apps have users smiling and looking directly at the camera, standing by themselves and not in a crowded group, or that shows you participating in an interest or a hobby such as a sport or reading. 

  1. Start off the conversation thoughtfully 

Once two users on NEW have ‘WOW’-ed one another, a private messaging system launches for you two to get to know each other. As an ex-Mormon, interacting with the opposite (or same) sex may seem foreign, but rest assured, know that both of you have joined NEW for the same reason—to meet someone! So be brave and send that first message. 

Don’t start off the conversation with just a general “Hi!” or “What’s up?” To increase your chances of having a meaningful exchange, take a moment to review your match’s profile and make a genuine reference or question to something they’ve written or displayed in a photo. That will help to guarantee a thoughtful exchange. 

  1. Move the conversation into real life 

Once you’ve had a positive conversation through the NEW app, don’t make the mistake of solely conversing in cyberspace. You’ve joined NEW to find love, so take a chance and set up a date in real life. Who knows? It could lead to true love! Are you planning to find love this year? Join NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App today.

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