How It’s Possible to Find Your Soulmate After Leaving the Mormon Church

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Ex-Mormon Dating App

How It’s Possible to Find Your Soulmate After Leaving the Mormon Church

Leaving the Mormon (LDS) Church opens up a world of possibilities. Instead of being put into a box and expected to follow certain “rules” you are free to date who you wish and do whatever you want. Despite what we may have learned growing up, most of us who have left the LDS (Mormon) Church do NOT want to spiral out of control in some drug or alcoholic induced state. Most of us still want to have a life lived with morals and high standards. The only difference now is that we’ve left the religious ideologies of our youth behind. 

A highlight of dating post-Mormonism is the many methods in which we can meet people. There is the forever popular meet-cutes that can happen anywhere, singles events, online dating sites, and dating applications like “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” that combine convenience and ease of use within an approachable platform focused on a growing community. 

The “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” broadens the scope while connecting users with those on a similar journey thus making it possible to find your soulmate after leaving the so called church. Others who have left the LDS religion understand your mindset, where you are in terms of your beliefs and better yet, they are enjoying life without the religion-based limitations.

Common ground and a connection that surpasses physical attraction are parts of what a soulmate is. When you’re with the right person, that deeper connection is accompanied by a sense of familiarity as well as comfort. By taking the initiative and putting yourself out there you can find that and the “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” can help. When using a dating app like “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App,” finding your soulmate is possible when you:

  • Make Connections. 

Don’t hesitate to show your interest when someone catches your eye. Instincts are what bring people to their soulmates.

  • Start Conversations. 

Yes, soulmates share a nonverbal connection but the draw to each other is further established after talking. Say “hello”, introduce yourself and see where the conversation goes. 

  • Take A Few Risks.

Dating and finding the right person requires you to put yourself out there a bit. If a connection feels right, take things offline sooner than later. Just ask him/her out and have fun! A date may lead to something incredibly special. 

Statistics show that over 40 million Americans are dating online and 1 in 5 committed relationships have begun online. Your beliefs may have changed but the odds of finding your soulmate have increased! 

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