Finding Success While Dating After Leaving Mormonism

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Finding Success While Dating After Leaving Mormonism

Just after leaving Mormonism, you’ll want to date other like-minded ex-mormons. This is normal, however, a lot of your friends may often complain about how it’s insanely difficult to find a match in your dating life. For you to succeed, dating as a post-mormon, you may need a few pointers on how to go about it. 

You might be wondering: How can you get to the top in this dating game? Take it easy! You don’t need to scratch your head because you covered. The items found below reveal several proven ideas and methods on how to find success while dating after you’ve left the LDS Church aka Mormonism. 

Find Other Ex-Mormons To Date!

It might be true that, since you left Mormonism, you might not want to be allied with it in any way shape or form. But remember, you’re still striving to heal the wounds you might have had after bidding goodbye to (in most cases) a long life as a Mormon. So, instead of leaving it completely you’ll most like find success in dating choosing to date fellow post-Mormons, that really understand exactly what you are going through and are ready to walk with you.

Pay Attention And Really Listen To Each Other

When you’ve made a match with another post-Mormon, pay undivided attention to one another figuring out what each other’s ‘hot-buttons’ or ‘shelf-breaking’ items are/were. Listen when he/she talks and share your feelings and experiences when he/she wants to hear from you. With that, he/she will realize how sensitive and caring you are and he/she will appreciate you more. There are so many nuances in this new world that you’ll have to both understand familial dynamics, friendship and professional dynamics of one another. 

However, as much as talking about your experiences with the church, remember to not keep harping too much of the past experiences in the LDS church. You’ve left it, now feel free to leave it along if you’d like. The past is no more. Focus on your future as an aspiring couple. Flatter him/her with new life ideas and if possible, some new beliefs of your choice that you may have stumbled upon or are now practicing if any. This would be ideal if both of you are interested. 

At Least At First, Don’t Get Too Drunk On Your First Couple Of Dates!

Remember, courtesy and manners are great ingredients especially when you are courting. So, avoid getting drunk just because you are not restricted by any religious beliefs. Ensure you are the real self when you are dating your potential spouse. Often times, you won’t do yourself any favors by removing your typical inhibitions.  

Have Fun!

The greatest thing Post Mormons can do is to show others still in the church just how happy you are. They are expecting you to ‘go off the deep end’ and when you don’t you’ll possibly inspire others to leave the church. When you create a happy atmosphere around those you are dating, you’ll both find comfort knowing the decision you made was correct to leave the LDS Church. And, chances are that you may have yourself a bunch more subsequent dates. 

Be Audacious And Confident In Your Choice To Date Non-Mormons

It’s a time-proven character trait and others tend to flock to those that are confident in their choices. Once you’ve left, stick with it and remain confident in that choice.

Final Thoughts

Finally, dating is a crucial part of life. It doesn’t matter your former status in the church or how long you stayed in, or anything else related to it. Don’t keep the focus to heavily on your past life experiences or beliefs. Hopefully some of the pointers explored above will help you in your dating life. We at “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” understand how hard this can be and hope that you can find success in your love life. Check back with us often on this blog for more tips and techniques. We’ll make them worth your attention. And if you incorporate them, then success in dating will be yours!

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