Dating After Your Religious Beliefs In The Mormon (LDS Church) Change

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Dating After Your Religious Beliefs In The Mormon (LDS Church) Change

Dating After Your Beliefs In The Mormon (LDS Church) Change

It’s often true that dating is much easier if both parties have a similar religious belief. But when one exits from TSCC church whether because of its doctrines, or have problems with its history, or for any other reason, it can become very complicated to find and date people with similar beliefs or that are in the same situation. 

However, this doesn’t mean that your dating life is dead. In fact, your dating “pool” just became MUCH larger! It’s possible to have success dating even after changing your beliefs. This article addresses how people that have changed their beliefs and/or have left Mormonism completely, and/or are still “in” without leaving, can find dating partners who have also changed from such beliefs and/or also find themselves still “in” the church because of the worry that is associated with leaving completely. This article also focuses on where, how, and why it’s important to find and date people based on who you have become, and especially who you are NOW! (Hence the name!)

Where And How To Meet Incredible Like-Minded Ex-Mormons?

There are many online platforms where post-Mormons thinking about dating can meet such as Facebook Groups, Meetup Groups and especially the most popular ex-mormon Dating App, “NEW!” These platforms act as great drivers for meeting diverse people all over the world, developing friendships through chatting, and especially through the app making “matches” that later hopefully lead to one another dating each other. 

Members of these groups also organize for forums to discuss matters of their interest. (You may have found our blog or app via the sub Reddit channel /exmormon) It’s through these forum where people who have left Mormonism meet, interact and get to know each other while also possibly having a mindset of dating.

Why We Created The NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App

Most commonly, members of the same prior belief tend to prefer dating each other as the community and backgrounds are so similar. But since the doctrines of the LDS church no longer work for some it gets harder and harder to meet people with the same views and that are on the same religious journey and path. We envisioned an app for people that are in the same spot religiously that could help them come together and not have to have the ongoing worry or concern of explaining themselves and where they are religiously. Dating is hard enough, let alone having to throw in why or why not you’ve left TSCC, why you’ve stayed in for so long or what might happen if you do leave. 

So, Your Beliefs in The So Called Church Have Changed. What Does That Mean For Your Dating Life?

First and foremost know that you are not alone and that thousands if not hundreds of thousands of incredible people are asking the same question and just need a place to meet and find like-minded individuals at the same phase of life!

Here At The NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App We Recommend The Following Steps To Begin Finding And Dating People Based On Who They Are NOW:

First, download the app! Identify potential partners by clicking on WOW or NOPE. Ensure they have what you’re looking for as far as similar interests in their profile and see if it’s a “match.” Once they accept your “match”, you can begin chatting and hopefully set a time to meet up in real life. We at “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” require that you please always be careful and mindful of meeting only in public places, never give out personal information like your phone number, address or other very specific information. 

If you’re not making very many matches as at first, give it some time as the app is brand new and we’re adding people daily. Hang in there! You can also try upgrading to more “Wows” within the account.

Now That You’ve Found A “Match!”

Now that you’re not bound by the former tenets of The So Called Church (LDS – Mormonism) and have found others who are just like you, you don’t need to worry about having to explain yourself or where you are on your faith journey. Enjoy each other’s company and only if you feel it necessary you can both begin to open up about what got you to this point in your life and who you are NOW!

Some things will be fun to discuss between both of you. For example, how much you now love coffee. (And, an added benefit is this is a great first date! Go grab some coffee. It’s inexpensive, you can learn together what types of coffee you like and it can be as long or short of a date as you’d like.)

In the course of dating, feel free to share your previous positive or negative experiences with TSCC and help each other to get over from them or move on. For Instance, you can both decide to organize some Meetups to help meet new groups of people and develop new communities. This helps the both of you to move on from the past encounters and embrace your new lives!

The Bottom Line

At this point, anyone wishing to find and date people based on who they are NOW should download the “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” and get started today. Meet up with other fellow ex-Mormons, make friends and potentially find a spouse or partner. The NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App is an incredible place for identifying your potential future partner or spouse, plus it ensures that they have the qualities you are after, and know exactly the spot you are in religiously. Despite not knowing how to navigate this new post-Mormon world, just know that the “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” and our community are here to help and wish you all the luck in the world. Check back often for dating hints, useful ideas, tips, techniques that can help you establish a fruitful relationship that may lead to a permanent life partnership!

Download the “NEW :: An Ex-Mormon Dating App” from the Apple App store and begin chatting, dating and falling in love with people who are in a similar position as you religiously.

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